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2004 Summer Vacation

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What I did on my summer vacation....

Okay, so that's a trite start.  But this website is about we did on our summer vacation.  We had a terrific time and it's the best way I can think of to share the pictures and experiences we had.

The next morning, our adventures began.

July 6th We left my house in the afternoon of July 6th and drove as far as Pennsylvania. 
July 7th We visited Fallingwater in the afternoon and then drove on to Washington D.C.
July 8th The weather was beautiful and everyone wanted to visit The National Zoo
July 9th The top museum pick was The Museum of Natural History
July 10th We spent the afternoon (until closing) at The Air & Space Musuem.  We grabbed a taxi to Union Station where he had dinner and then started an evening tour to Visit the Memorials
July 11th Stan and Beth wanted to visit Fort Ward
July 12th We drove through Virginia and visited Monticello
July 13th We spent the 13th Whitewater Rafting before starting our drive home

Our first stop was Fallingwater.  After our visit at Fallingwater, we drove to Washington, D.C.  We spent several days in D.C. before heading home via West Virginia, where we went whitewater rafting.

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