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Selecting a Web Host

There is nothing easy about selecting a web hosting service.  Many of us who have had personal or commercial websites of our own for a long time have had multiple hosts--and the reason we keep changing is because we become dissatisfied without the service we're receiving.

I recently had such bad hosting service that my site was inaccessible.  Although I had paid for a few more months on that hosting service (avoid FeaturePrice), I started looking for a new hosting service.

In a Nutshell

Use TotalChoice Web Hosting.  Okay, that's pretty brief.  At some point, I'll come back and fill in the details of why I recommend them.  For now, here's a few key points:

  • Great technical support
  • Multiple methods of contacting tech support
    • Email
    • Help tickets
    • Discussion forum
    • On-line chat with Yahoo!, AOL IM, and web-based chat
  • On-line discussion forum providing help and advice in a family-like community
  • Terrific prices (I pay $4/month for my package)
  • Current versions of the software they're running on
  • Extensive list of supported features
    • Unlimited email addresses
    • Unlimited mailing lists
    • Unlimited MySQL databases
    • Unlimited subdomains
    • Unlimited forwarding
    • Unlimited autoresponders
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